Eclipse Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Eclipse explained:

An eclipse indicates a short spurt of darkness in your life that you will quickly overcome. Pay close attention to new random encounters in your waking life. If you dream of a solar eclipse, it means that you have doubts about your talents and what you can do in your life but stay strong, you will get rid of those doubting thoughts. If you dream of a lunar eclipse it could mean that you are undergoing menstruation or menopause. Dreaming that the eclipse has finished suggests that you are experiencing some sort of enlightenment.

Observing a lunar eclipse in a dream predicts an upcoming epidemic which could affect the community you live in or the whole country. It is best to tune in to all available media of communications which your local or national health agencies use to keep you updated with health advisories. You may have to put up with some inconvenience for a period of time, such as having to evacuate temporarily or having to undergo quarantine procedures. But you would rather make a little sacrifice than put your life on the line.

To see the sun during a solar eclipse, perhaps during a partial solar eclipse or before a full eclipse occurs, means there is hardship and suffering ahead of you. The darkness that falls on earth during an eclipse symbolizes the darkness that would fall upon you, the sadness and the grief you would feel, because of a tragic incident or a possible failure. Fortunately, since an eclipse does not last long and only happens momentarily, this means that the darkness would be over soon enough.

May suggest a looming temporary period of darkness, a steady progression of being unclear about a situation, relationship, or direction in waking life.

There is some opposing imagery in this vision which makes it difficult to interpret concisely. The field you are in at the beginning of the vision represents all the good things that have happened in your life thus far. Seeing friends and family from various points in your life can be thought of as reminders of the value they have added or the lessons you have learned from them. This is followed by the image of the lunar eclipse, a negative sign associated with misfortune and sadness. However, during the eclipse you begin to float upward. This represents your positive nature and your confidence in a happy future. It seems, then, that as long as you maintain your patience and positive outlook on life, you should have the tools and mental strength to make it through the trials that await.

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