Enemy Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Enemy explained:

May symbolize inner conflicting ideas, thoughts, and/or emotions.

As the saying goes, you are your worst enemy. Your dream could be telling you that you are being too harsh on yourself, take it easy and treat yourself once in a while. If you see someone else as your enemy it could mean different personalities or just simply theirs a disagreement and disliking towards or from that person. It could also mean resolving problems you are having with yourself.

Seeing your most bitter rival in reality suffering from sickness or disease is a negative sign to behold in the realm of visions. It is a harbinger of misfortune and sadness, predicting that at present they are capable of dealing out harsh punishment and retribution. Their current ability to cause you great damage and trouble should not be taken lightly. If you are currently battling with this individual or see an opening to instigate a conflict yourself, it would be wise to take a step back and take the high road. Any instigated fight on your part is sure to end in your opponent's victory.

If you happen to see the disturbing dream in which you physically kill an enemy, regardless of whether it is an actual rival you have in waking life or an imaginary being native to the dream, be aware that this vision is to be treated as a friendly warning especially if the envisioned killing was gruesome or brutal in nature. The described dream could be recommending you to be more careful and deliberate in your actions and attitude in the upcoming future, as there is a high probability that otherwise you could significantly compromise your career, social status or general position in life.

Kissing your enemy in your dream or a person you do not get along with is an indication that you will be able to reach a compromise with this particular person. Whatever you'll work on will be agreeable to both of you and this will end the major conflict you may currently have.

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