Epidemic Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Epidemic explained:

An epidemic in your dream represents your fear about a recent task. If you dream that you are causing the epidemic or involved in it you are afraid that your actions at the moment are going to hurt people. If you are not part of the epidemic and unaffected signifies your fear that the bad things in your life may become uncontrollable.

May represent feeling out of control or overwhelmed.

Dreaming about a mass epidemic which afflicts numerous people around you may portend some terrible disaster which is about to take place in your local community. It oftentimes represents physical catastrophes, like floods and earthquakes, but it can occasionally point toward social unrest as well. Running away and saving only yourself could signify your desire not to involve yourself in the conflict in the latter case, meaning you do not want to choose a side or ruffle anyone's feathers. However, you may find that sitting in the middle is impossible as time passes.

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