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To dream about Father explained:

A dream about your father suggests authority and security problems or acceptance. It could be anyone in y our life who is trying to be in charge or tell you what to do. You may also be similar to your father so take a look at his character in the dream and see if you have a similar quality that you may not like and trying to deny it in your waking life. This might also be a symbol of the shadow archetype for males or the animus projection for females. The shadow would be any repressed emotion or feeling that is dormant with in the psyche of that individual. For a women to dream of their father might represent the unknown masculine within the feminine. When you argue with your father in your dream it means that you are trying to rebel or you are doing so. Your dream may be your only way of letting your anger out about not being able to be in charge of your own life. If you hit your father in the disagreement it actually symbolizes a desire you having a better relationship with him. You feel rejected in some aspect of his life and you are trying to get him to listen and be closer with you.If you have a dream with intimacy with your father it indicates that you try to handle your problems with authority or to get above or ahead people who are in charge of you, whether it be a principle or boss, you use sexual seduction methods. Alternatively a dream of having a good conversation and open relationship with your father means you have accepted authority figures in your life.

If you see your father in a dream as having been sick or admitted to a hospital due to sickness, it could be suggestive that you are deeply concerned about some intriguing, unresolved issue which you could be currently facing, which is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety that is so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind, it is not leaving your attention.

Finding your father to be crying in your dreams indicates possibilities of something unusual or extraordinary happening. It has a negative tinge about the circumstances that are likely to emerge. This change would make you re-think how you live your life. It could lead you to have a second look at the ways and approaches you use to look at, evaluate and deal with important things in your life.

May suggest an aspect of yourself you are somewhat familiar with.

The presence of your dearly departed father in the dream realm suggests you need guidance and support in reality. You are likely in a challenging situation or about to make a change in your life. You subconsciously feel you would benefit from the counsel and support of someone older and wiser, like a father. You may need to seek the advice of another older family member or someone in your community, such as a mentor, priest or medical professional.

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