Fence Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Fence explained:

A fence in a dream represents the same thing in your waking life, a barrier! Are you climbing over or hiding behind it? There is an obstacle in your path and you are either going to ignore it and excel or stand down and stay where you are. It could also mean that there is a barrier protecting you from harm or something or someone that is trying to bring you down. The fence is a symbol of getting away from the world and being in YOUR OWN WORLD away from everyone else.

May symbolize a barrier that you have erected to protect yourself.

A dog in the context of a dream embodies characteristics such as loyalty, generosity and being protective. The fence can be interpreted to have a positive or negative meaning depending on the situation experienced in a dream. On a positive note, fences serve as protection from external dangers and a need for privacy. The negative connotations include barriers, obstacles or confinement. Jumping over the fence could be indicative of a desire to break free from the confines of a situation or a relationship. Your instincts for self-preservation may be kicking in from feeling trapped in an unhealthy pattern of behavior or partnership. But freedom comes at a cost and it is unlikely to come out of it unscathed. Whether or not it is worth the risk is up to you.

Having a dream about a fense which spans across a bridge and prevents you from passing to the other side is the manifestation of your inability to handle social situations properly. In some cases, this simply represents your inability to read the air or sympathize with whoever you are talking to, but it can also show a willful ignorance to be kind with your words or thoughtful about the situation of your conversation partner. In either situation, your faults in terms of communicating are likely to hinder the building of any fruitful, long-term bonds with others.

Dogs in dreams generally refer to family members and loved ones because of their loyalty and tendency to be fiercely protective of their owners. Meanwhile, fences allude to protection and privacy. In the context of your dream, the dogs could be a reference to the loved ones of someone in your social circle, perhaps a colleague or a friend. Their aggression could be a result of your closeness to this individual or developing relations. Perhaps this individual's friends and family are suspicious of your motives and intentions, hence they are wary of readily welcoming you into the inner circle. You can either prove that you have good intentions or distance yourself from this individual before things can get out of hand.

Fences in dreams convey both positive and negative messages. Fences are often associated with protection from harm and privacy. They can also be seen as barriers, obstacles or confinement. In the context of your dream, the former interpretation may be more applicable because of the presence of an aggressive horse. Jumping or climbing over a fence denotes risky behavior, while an aggressive horse typically points to possible accidents during travels. Hence, your subconscious may be telling you to take extra care and control your impulsive tendencies, especially outside of your home, in order to avoid harmful incidents.

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