Fishing and using meat as bait Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Fishing and using meat as bait explained:

May symbolize your attempt to fish for a compliment.

Dreaming of bait can mean that you are going to catch something unexpected. You may use your manipulate skills to get what you want. Its possible that you may be “Fishing” for work you have done and want recognition. It is also possible that you might be the one who is “Bait”. If your dream was pleasant or bad confirms whether you are the bate or not.

May symbolize exploring the unconscious.

Dreaming of fishing represents you desire of something more challenging and meaningful in your life. It represents your readiness to step up and overcome the obstacle that has been causing to suppress your feelings. If you catch a fish it means that you have finally figured something out or met the right person for you. It could also mean you feel neglected and you want someone to shower you with some praises.

For female readers, dreaming about raw meat is indicative of an upcoming period of hardships and difficulties in the process of completing a current project or undertaking. On the other hand, cooked meat for female dreamers indicates that the very things they are hoping to acquire or achieve would be obtained and realized by their own rivals or competitors. For example, the man of their dreams might end up not on their lap but in the hands of another girl, or their expected promotion at work could go to somebody else, much to their disappointment and envy.

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Fishing and using meat as bait

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May represent someone named Maude.

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