Fitting a small horseshoe on a horse Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Fitting a small horseshoe on a horse explained:

A horse in a dream may mean many different things depending upon the context and content of the dream and the personal associations of the dreamer.

May represent good luck.

Seeing a horseshoe which is not faced downward in your dream symbolizes fortune and accomplishments in your life. On the other hand, if it is upside down then it denotes the total opposite.

Seeing small fish in your dream signifies fears and uncertainties you have on your mind, it can also be telling you about possible disease you may soon be afflicted by.

A dream about seeing or holding small eggs symbolizes small favors or minuscule gains from a current undertaking. If you are employed, the salary is good but not enough to change your lifestyle the way you would want to. If you are in business, sales are okay but not substantial enough to make you an instant millionaire. If you are a parent, this dream vision also indicates that a child you have not seen for a long time would pay you a surprise visit, and you would be amazed at how fast this child has grown in your absence.

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Fitting a small horseshoe on a horse

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