Floor Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Floor explained:

The floor may represent your foundation or the basis for your beliefs or your support system. It may represent how well you are grounded or the separation of your conscious and unconscious.

A dream of a floor is similar to your feet, it holds you up. If your foundation is strong and put together well, you have no problems. If your floor is cracked or shacking then you are going to face some obstacles and challenges in your life. If your floor is polished it represents your unconscious and you do not want you unconscious to be in control so you manage to keep it under.

Seeing a floor clock in your dream is often related to your intimate affairs. Specifically, this symbol represents your sexual relations with someone you initially thought was reserved and conservative. You would be pleasantly surprised at how satisfying and passionate it would become when you finally decide to get intimate. First impressions are not always accurate and this encounter would be a testament to that fact. Perhaps it may not turn into something serious for the both of you, but at the very least you could learn to reserve judgment until you have been fully acquainted with someone.

A hole in the floor is symbolically linked to the idea of going down or falling. In particular, this image suggests loss of money or wealth, resulting in either a low standard of living or complete bankruptcy. Therefore, this symbol is particularly ominous for those in banking or investing. Seeing this sign predicts soon falling on hard times. You may not even be able to afford the most basic of daily necessities. If you are currently in a good position in regards to money, it would be wise to set some aside for a rainy day.

The floor, symbolizing foundation and stability, can take on various interpretations in dreams. Often, they represent family, work or social connections depending on the aspects that anchor you to society and the real world in general. In that sense, seeing worms crawling on the floor could be an indication of brewing conflict and unresolved issues in places where you feel safe and supported. You may be turning a blind eye to problems that have long been festering beneath the facade of civility and politeness. Some big event or circumstance could reveal the unacknowledged frustrations or issues at work or in your own household. To openly communicate about these things may be the start of the resolution needed to maintain healthy relationships.

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