Flying in a helicopter with the boss Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Flying in a helicopter with the boss explained:

Since we spend 40 or more hours a week at our jobs, it shouldn’t be surprising to dream of work, your boss and/or your coworkers.

Flying dreams are one of the top 10 dream themes reported by dreamers and may symbolize feeling high, being happy in general or feeling good about something specific in waking life.

May symbolize high ideals or aspirations.

Helicopters, in a dream, symbolize your potential and being on the right path of what you want in life. If you are in a helicopter then is suggests that you are not pacing yourself well enough. You seem to be moving at a much faster pace than expected. While it may be for your benefit that you are able to think on a higher level than others it can also be bad in communicating with others.

Envisioning bugs that fly, buzz, or flutter about is an ill omen predicting a dire financial situation in the future. The severity of these monetary troubles may cause bankruptcy and make it difficult to provide even for the most basic needs for you and your family. This is most likely tied to your work or career, suggesting you should be on the lookout for any signs of approaching trouble. Making a contingency plan may also be a good idea.

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Flying in a helicopter with the boss

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