Fog Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Fog explained:

Fog conceals things so that your vision is blurred. To dream of fog indicates uncertainty of not knowing which way to go in life.

May represent feeling lost or confused.

A dream wherein you see yourself on a killing rampage is a manifestation of the aggression which you keep suppressed in your waking life. The notion of you helping people who are turning against you is perhaps an indication of such things happening in your life as well. Perhaps you are fed up with assisting ungrateful people around you. Also, the notion of enjoying murdering them represents your desire to give those people a taste of their own medicine. However, it would be better to focus on the positive aspects in your life. Instead of letting your feelings fester inside it would help you to have a detailed talk with those close to you.

Walking across a bridge in a serious state of disrepair surrounded by a thick, dense fog portends the sudden loss of something or someone very close to you. This object's or individual's presence may have brought comfort to your before, but now the thought of what has been lost can only inspire feelings of sadness, loneliness and isolation. Similarly, for young people in a romantic relationship or those who wish to be in one, this same vision specifically points toward being extremely disappointed in the other party, either because of deception or because their love was one-sided.

Both the images of being in the doorway and the fog represent the state of uncertainty which exists in the relationship between you and your boyfriend at the moment. This suspended state is most likely related to a major decision you both have to make or a choice which could dramatically change your lives if followed. You also seem to be the initiator of this move, but your attempts are either blocked and ignored by the boyfriend, or there could important repercussions, in your mind, for both of you which could be preventing you from taking the next step.


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