Forgetting Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Forgetting explained:

What have you been forgetting in you dream? Look at the object, person or event that your dream is throwing at you! If it is something that you were supposed to attend before, you may feel guilty for not going to the function. If it is someone you are forgetting this means that you feel responsible of that person or someone they represent. It could also be your subconscious telling you to forget something and move on!

May symbolize a need or desire to forget about or put something behind you.

Dreaming about forgetting to feed a baby is symbolic of a task, obligation, plan or needs within a relationship that you are forgetting about, failing to pay attention to or unable to complete. Your subconscious mind is reminding you that you need to resolve those in order to reach a certain goal or accomplishment in life. Also, you had a vision about this baby getting thinner. This could suggest you are currently preoccupied with solving too many tasks at once and failing at the one that means the most to you. That is, there may be something standing in your way and preventing you from addressing this important issue. By showing you the thinning baby, the dream is reminding you that the unaccomplished affair will not wait forever. Time could be running out. It is therefore important to try to understand what that neglected task is and give it the required attention.

Forgetting important tasks in the dream world means you may be stressing out in reality. You could be taking on more responsibilities than you can handle, leading to mental tension and anxiety. Specifically, your anxiety in this recurring dream may stem from the fear of under-performing, failing to accomplish important tasks or overlooking significant details. The nursing profession lends even more weight to this idea because forgetting to give out medicine could be a fatal error. Alternatively, committing workplace errors in your dream vision may reveal doubts about your current path. You could be second-guessing your decisions up to this point or uncertain about where your current path would lead you.

Forgetting to bring your dog in for the night is often thought to be the reflection of your lack of responsibility about current matters in reality. You may be putting off important tasks or avoiding certain chores, which could make your life more difficult in the long run or make other people annoyed or uncomfortable. While it may take a little time to get back in the habit of doing things in a timely and detailed manner, it would surely be to your advantage. A tidy space and a completed to-do list would be sure to lift your spirits as well as assure others that you are more than capable of handling whatever is on your plate.

This dream vision about forgetting to feed your fish could be an indication of an outstanding issue, task or need you are failing to take care of or address appropriately. The recurring nature of this dream is a strong reminder to get these things resolved in a timely manner in order to come to terms with your inner voice which is telling you to follow through with your obligations and responsibilities. You may also go through episodes in your life when you tend to postpone important tasks to a later day even though you could be feeling guilty about your tendency to procrastinate.

Your wife's dream of riding a bicycle could mean that she is craving for some freedom and independence. The fruits symbolize rewards and achievements in her life. Perhaps she feels as if a certain degree of freedom can help her realize her potential. Missing the wedding also has something to do with her preoccupation about chasing her dreams. The domesticated life may be preventing her from challenging herself and exploring what else she can offer to the world.

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