Frog Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Frog explained:

May represent transformation or rebirth.

To dream of a frog could be a good or bad thing. The frog could signify a prince that needs a kiss to be let loose and so symbolize changes or unpleasant things. I you dreaming of a leaping frog then you are reaching for your goals keep jumping till you reach high enough. If you eat the frog then you have a task ahead of you that your are not going to enjoy.

Experiencing a vision of a green frog in your dream pertains to having an event or incident in your life which might not have a significant impact on you. This experience could just be a very short encounter and it would not make any lasting impression on you. Probably it would be a party or celebration with someone close to you, a conversation with somebody you just met. Whatever the encounter is, this would be something that will not change your life in any major way.

Seeing a large frog or catching it in your dream signifies being married to or living in with someone with extra *baggage*. This person could be a widow, widower or a single parent who may be affluent or financially successful. However, he or she might also have children from previous relationship or previous marriage, and they would require much support from you. It could be young children or teenagers who would need your understanding and guidance. A lot of psychological and emotional adjustment might be required from you should you desire to pursue this relationship.

Dreaming of a frog croaking foretells a future visit to people you are close to. They could be your close friends or relatives whom you consider to be an important part of your life. You could be eager and excited about this meeting and you would really look forward to it. However, it might not turn out the way that you planned it to be. Maybe the conversations you may have would not be as engaging or some other outside factors could affect the outcome of your visit such as bad weather.

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