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To dream about Future explained:

To see the future in your dream could be a precognitive dream. It could also mean that you are anxious and fear certain aspects of your future. If you like the dream of your future and it is positive then so will be the changes you would make for your future.

May suggest ideas and desires for the future.

Dreaming about meeting your future wife portends the arrival of someone interesting in your life. This new association could actually lead to the formation of a mutually beneficial relationship. Your vision could further predict that you would be introduced to a woman who is charming and alluring. It is even possible you would feel a strong connection with her. However, just because you find her appealing does not mean that she would automatically reciprocate your feelings. In order to win her over, you might have to prove you are a gentleman worthy of her affections.

Envisioning your future child in a dream symbolizes your strong desire to establish a connection with someone you consider important in your life or improve a relationship that could be faltering. Considering it was your friend's eyes this child appeared to have, it could point toward this particular friend being the one with whom you need to reconnect.

To dream that you are saving others to alter the future in some way reveals your fears about your own future. Perhaps you think that the status quo is headed to the early demise of mankind or at the very least has a bleak perspective. However, the death of one person to ensure the survival of everybody else is a reflection of your sense of futility. On some level, you may believe bad things that are happening or about to happen occur for a reason and that certain situations are out of your control. There could be a significant milestone in your near future, so this inability to predict the outcome of big events is highlighting your apprehensions about what is to come.

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