Gems Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Gems explained:

A gem is hard to find and valuable. When you dream of a gem this means that you have high expectations or you’ve found something of great importance to you. If you give someone a gem it represents your feeling of giving someone an important part of you.

Seeing animals in your dream represented by pigs rolling in gems or precious stones signifies your failure or inability to assess your spiritual values and needs.

Dreaming about finding gemstones unexpectedly is a positive sign indicating success. Just as a diamond in the rough needs a bit of polish to shine, you are also predicted to attain greatness and excel in a task or goal you are currently pursuing. When you have achieved your objectives, you will win the admiration of everyone around you. The strangers in your dream reinforce this concept, indicating you making decisions which could have life-changing effects. These decisions could yield both positive and negative results at the same time, such as reducing your company workforce to avert a potential financial crisis. On the other hand, it could lower productivity as well as make ex-workers extremely unhappy. Another major decision that this vision could indicate is having personal space and a chance to be on your own for some time. Doing so might give you the freedom and independence you have been hoping for in order to excel.

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