Girls Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Girls explained:

When you dream about a girl that you just met and felt attracted to, is your unconscious telling you what your conscious did not pick up on and whether to continue trying to develop a relationship or you should forget her because she was just messing with you. If the girl is just a random girl that appeared in your dream then it represents your feminine traits. If you are a woman then you are looking back your youth and what things used to be like. If you dream of your girlfriend, see friend for the meaning.

Dreaming about seeing several girls together often foretells material growth. In particular, you could be about to receive some economic reward, see your projects turn out to be more profitable than expected or come across some unexpected wealth. Either way, it is possible that, after some unexpected occurrence, you would end up experiencing a financial and material boost.

May represent younger, feminine aspects of yourself.

Dreaming about 3 girls getting married, either simultaneously or separately, likely reveals your interest in these three girls. You may be attracted to them and so your subconscious is playing out this scene as wish fulfillment. Though it may be something other than romantic feelings, for example it could also just be an indication of your desire to get to know them better. Perhaps they remind you of someone you know or you share similar interests.

Dreaming about being surrounded by a large group of little girls could be revealing of future financial prosperity and even wealth. Such professional success would be consequent of carefully executed actions and well implemented plans. Each and every one of the pre-defined business strategies would bring you increasing prosperity, in an ascending and positive spiral.

For females, dreaming of proposing to the opposite sex could be an indication of growing self-confidence. Perhaps you tend to be submissive or agreeable in reality, but circumstances are about to happen in which your mettle would be tested. In the face of unfavorable odds, you could discover your potential to lead and live your life on your own terms. This defining moment would pave a path to a future you may have not previously imagined for yourself.

Dreaming that your fiance is cheating on your does not actually represent such an event in wake life. Rather, dreams about infidelity represent your own lack or trust in him. Additionally, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Maybe you became dissatisfied with the relationship or his habits became annoying. It is possible you did not want to settle down yet or saw opportunity elsewhere. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.

This dream does not necessarily mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you. It rather reflects your worries and concerns about your boyfriend's actions and behavior, and about the future of your relationship. It also transpires an overall lack of confidence in your boyfriend or the existence of feelings of jealousy. More specifically, if you are in love and had a dream about being naked, it is possible that the one you currently love is not your true love. It could also mean that this person is self-centered, overpowering and dominating. He would make you feel submissive or fragile in regards to your feelings. Moreover, you had a vision of a threesome and of an affair. Both these encounters involved people who are close to you. This could suggest that you feel that neither of you is being yourselves during your encounters or that you are never fully present during your inter-exchanges. Therefore, you would feel unable to develop an intimate and deep bond. In the long run, these circumstances could culminate in a breakup. The causes of such separation would be mutual misunderstandings or mutual disrespect. You would benefit from discussion your worries with him.

Symbolically, people turning into bats in a dream and coming into some kind of contact with you, point to suffering and great disappointments brought about by communication or interaction with unfamiliar people or complete strangers. Based on the symbols of a stranger standing on a bridge and yourself drowning, you could be very sensitive to what people think or say about you when you first meet them in person. You could be the type of person who does not feel comfortable initiating first contact with others or who is afraid to make the first step in getting to know better new, unfamiliar people. The ending of this dream also reveals that you are much more comfortable and relaxed interacting with those who want to get your attention by using technology, such as mobile phones and the Internet.

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