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Keys are very important dream symbolizes. Think about what its use in the dream is and how it relates to your life. Ultimately a key represents the ability to open and discover a number of things. If you locate a key or keys it means you know how to resolve a situation. If you dream that the key it used to unlock something it means you have found your way to a new opportunity. It could also mean that you have let someone in on your secrets or gained knowledge about a situation or person. A ring of keys or holding the master key symbolizes authority over yourself and others. If you hold the golden key it signifies an open mind and you hold the key to anything you desire. If you insert a key into a keyhole it could have a sensual meaning in which you are worried and anxious about not being unable to satisfy yourself or your partner. Losing or breaking your keys indicate you are afraid of your reputation and where you stand in the social class is being tarnished. It may simply mean that you did not take the chance when you had it and now you are going to let it slip right out of your hand. Similarly, when you dream of a rusty key it indicates unused or misused abilities. If you give someone your keys then you have let up your power and given someone else the ability to control things. If you hear the sound of keys in your dream it is an excellent sign! You are going down the right route in life and you know precisely what you want, so keep heading that way.

When you are able to give stuff to others it represents your aspiration of being isolated from the way society is run with a materialistic outlook on everything. It could also mean that you need to give a bit to feel accepted.…

You adapt to everything and everyone. You camouflage so people would respect you and treat you on like if you are one of them.

When you dream of a key maker it symbolizes your need for help to unlock and open up to problems and people. If the key maker is making a spare key, your unconscious is telling you not to worry because there are a number of ways and approaches to solve your problems.

Envisioning a shining, golden key, especially when surrounded by other, duller keys, symbolically represents the genuine interest you have in learning the truth and sharing it with others for the benefit of everyone. You likely have a passion for learning and yearn not only to acquire as much knowledge as possible, but to also disperse that knowledge to improve the lives of those around you. Golden keys can also represent successful participation in volunteer activities, social work and health care.

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Giving your key to someone

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