Going through a plane crash

Going through a plane crash Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent a desire to leave or escape.

Crashing in your dream might suggest that you might come to a sudden stop in your life that may cause some disturbance. What did you crash into and who where you with. If you where in your car when you crashed than that could imply a stop in your current drive in life. Usually when you crash you are in a car. The car is a symbol of your life path and journey. A crash might signify a need for you to slow down and change direction.

As cars are often symbolic of our journey through life, seeing a car crash in a dream vision often indicates some major occurrence taking place though the exact meaning depends on the circumstances. If you were driving recklessly and lost control, it might suggest you are on a downward spiral in terms of behavior and lifestyle. If someone else was driving, it may indicate that other people are influencing you to do things which could eventually blow up in your face.

Dreaming of an airplane crashing may symbolize goals or ideals that are set too high and are unattainable or it may symbolize failure, self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence in reaching these goals.

Being on board an empty airplane, whether it is a moving plane or at the airport apron, means an onslaught of negativity and disappointments are headed your way. In this type of vision, the dream meaning behind the empty plane has to do with reality falling short of your expectations, usually in relation to your life plans or career path. Alternatively, this can also point to holding a grudge against someone. You are likely disappointed in the person, hence the hostility is slowly bubbling to the surface of your consciousness.

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