Gorilla Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Gorilla explained:

A dream of a gorilla is representative of either your sexuality or being too aggressive in a situation.

May represent feelings about someone who you think is aggressive, powerful, or crude.

The warehouse in your dream could represent your repressed thoughts and emotions. In particular, the giant gorilla chasing you refers to your primal instincts and sexual urges. You could be suppressing your desires for propriety's sake or out of fear of being judged and it is making your restless. The collapsing floor could mean that you are having troubles managing your emotions and needs to a point when you would eventually give in or lose control over your actions.

To dream of a gorilla in general when you are visiting a zoo, or those you may have seen in the Planet of Apes movies - strong, big, and hairy primates, is an ambivalent symbol representing suppressed or forbidden male sexual instinct in the waking life. Therefore, for females it is tied to a man whom she is trying to resist or avoid thus the gorilla features highlighted. For males, it could be an indication of some controlling female personality, like an imposing mother figure, wife or a nuisance mistress who exerts a lot of unnecessary control over them.

A gorilla can represent a difficult personal struggle, sometimes involving false friends or business partners, while seeing a lion in your dreams could indicate that you're being aided or directed by forces beyond your comprehension. Seeing a gorilla tie a rope around a lion's neck, in this case, suggests that the lion is being tamed, meaning you may have an opportunity to take control of the situation for your own benefit and come out victorious.

Finding yourself running about the ancient ruins of China may reveal that you are about to go through a period of self-discovery. You may finally have time to learn about your personality and mindset. In a sense, the ruins represent parts of you that are integral to your tendencies, habits and beliefs but have not yet been fully explored or even recognized. This is followed by the image of the gorilla chasing you, a symbol closely associated with primal instincts, particularly those that are sexual in nature. By learning more about yourself you could become more aware and conscious of your desires, leading to a more defined and fulfilling sexual identity in the future.

A gorilla generally represents power or sex-related situations. You are likely very attracted to or want to impress someone in your life, yet this person does not seem to be interested in you. It may be because you are intimidated by his presence, so your interactions are always awkward and uncomfortable. In the second dream, the cracked windshield and side window or glass represent your skewed or distorted view of reality. You are either overestimating your own abilities or underestimating your capacity to succeed. As a result, you are going to experience tremendous stress and difficulty in your quest to achieving your goals. If this is connected to the first dream, then you are actually prone to self-sabotage. Instead of having faith in yourself, you are the first one to bring yourself down. Bosses and authority figures would see your crippling insecurity and dismiss you as someone who is not ambitious enough to rise in your chosen industry.

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