Gown Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Gown explained:

When you dream of wearing a gown, you dream of how you are trying to appear to others. If others think you are very wealthy and extravagant with your life then you would dream of an elaborate evening gown. If the gown is very old and rugged then society looks at you as a cheap and stingy person.

May represent your Persona, or the part of yourself you are showing to others.

Having a dream about seeing your immediate family member, such as wife or husband, putting on or wearing a brocade gown is a good sign of new addition to the family with great talents or abilities this child will possess.

The color pink signifies love, happiness and affection. It could also be associated with being in love. A wedding dress, on the other hand, could indicate some concern or anxiety on your part about an upcoming important life event. Hence, your dream may be suggestive of an imminent occasion involving your current partner or someone you like, even if they do not know it, causing you distress and emotional pain. This is the way for your subconscious mind to remind you not to be overly concerned, because if you set your mind to it and do your best in whatever endeavor you take on, you will likely achieve success.


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