Graveyard Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Graveyard explained:

What exactly is in the graveyard? Do you recognize any of the names on the headstone? The graveyard could just be your buried feelings or people you have gotten rid of in your life. It could also mean that you wish to see someone who was close to you that has died.

Having a funeral at your own house symbolizes a possible ending of relations and subsequent acceptance of the fact. It could also allude to freedom and separation from your family and loved ones. It signals an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey. Thus, the ripe bananas surrounding the graveyard in your dream represent the great unknown you are about to face after you leave behind your comfort zone. It also reveals maturity and readiness to assert your independence.

Although it is not clear to us from your request whether your mother is presently deceased or alive, looking for her in this dream represents possible hardships or trials you could be going through in wake life at the moment and seeking help with. Traditionally, the symbol of deceased mother appearing in dreams signifies a promise of receiving help and support in difficult situations. The symbolic vision of a brown cow is a positive sign of having reliable old friends in waking life, such as school classmates or childhood buddies, who would always be there to help you when a complicated situation or uncertainty enters your life, and they are the ones who would be able to lend a helping hand in times when you need it.

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