Hanging Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Hanging explained:

Dreaming of a hanger implies that you are learning to deal with something which could be dealing with life or a problem. If you witness a hanging it symbolizes characteristics that you want to get rid of in yourself. If you are hanging yourself it indicates feelings of fright that you would be framed for something. You are trying to run away from whatever responsibilities that you have left. Hanging clothes in your dream denotes that you are clearing your mind.

Seeing hanging curtains in dream visions, on curtain rods or a clothesline as they are hanging out to dry, suggests an upcoming festive occasion or a celebration in reality. You can expect a lot of people to attend this party or banquet in your honor or perhaps someone important in your social circle. The fancier the curtains, the bigger the event is going to be. You could meet new faces who would play an important role in your career growth or your personal life. Certainly, it would be quite memorable for you.

Committing suicide by way of hanging yourself in a dream denotes tremendous stress in your reality. Accumulating commitments and responsibilities could be taking their toll on your physical and psychological well-being. As a result, you could face difficult challenges and complications both professionally and personally. This inability to handle everything on your plate may lead to some serious setbacks as well as health issues.

May represent justice.

When you see yourself hanging on a tree branch in your dream, it's an indication of discomfort and detachment from people who do not usually constitute your regular social circle.

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