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To dream about Having a lot of money explained:

Believe it or not dreams of this nature are usually not usually directed at financial issues. According to dream experts these dreams relate to a sexual desire in your life. Gold coins would imply attraction in men and silver coins attraction in women. Some say it has to do with energy. If you are finding money or losing it might suggest you need or have some.

May symbolize feeling a lot of your energy is parked (not moving forward).

Being in a parking lot in your dream implies that you need to use your brakes a little bit. Slow down and think about things while enjoying life.If you cannot find a spot in the parking lot it symbolizes you cannot find time to do things in your life.

Seeing ants in large numbers within a dream may signify that changes are about to happen which could involve you relocating to another place that is more developed and modernized. This new location could provide even more opportunities for you while living within an area which could be predominantly male. This may also signify that there is a potential to start a new family in the future for you.

Dreaming about seeing or coming across a lot of eggs, for example shopping for groceries and observing tray after tray of eggs stacked and piled on one corner, indicates an addition to the family and an increase in wealth. Another member would come to your family's life through biological birth or through adoption. You could also get wealthier than you already are.

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  2. Saving money - Saving money in your dream for whatever reason indicates wealth. You could be acquiring wealth in the future and you would be able to live a comfortable life with luxuries surrounding you.... Learn More!
  3. Finding money - Dreaming of finding money unexpectedly tells you that you have no reason to worry about anything in your life at the moment. In fact, this is a sign that your life is about to turn for the better and ... Learn More!
  4. Foreign money - Handling foreign money or having a transaction containing foreign currency refers to being placed in a precarious position in your business. This might happen because of someone who may interfere with... Learn More!
  5. Earning money - Having a vision about earning money indicates spending big money. It can be because of a major acquisition like a car or a new house.... Learn More!
  6. Antique money - Seeing antique money or old-looking money as banknotes in your dream tells that you are about to receive a gift from someone. This gesture will bring you much happiness and enjoyment.... Learn More!
  7. Money in hand - Dreaming that you have money in one of your hands is an auspicious dream symbol of success. This means that your goals and dreams are within arm's reach. It may even be an inevitability. You have the ... Learn More!
  8. A money plant - The notion that you were handling or taking care of a money plant and yet you only focused on the fruit growing on it could mean that you are in the process of rearranging your priorities. Perhaps you... Learn More!
  9. Winning money - Winning money is often thought to represent some aspect of your personality that is willfully ignorant to or blissfully unaware of how your words and actions affect others. This does not mean you are ... Learn More!
  10. A lot of letters - Multiple letters in the dream world, whether you were sending them or receiving them, suggest you are in dire need of some sort of news. You may be waiting on an update for something you applied to or... Learn More!

Having a lot of money

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