Having a pigs face Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Having a pigs face explained:

May symbolize taking a look at yourself and examining beliefs or actions.

Dreaming of admiring your face indicates your strength and confidence in yourself. If you are touching your face it could mean that you are looking at yourself and trying to understand how the world perceives you. You are not facing the problems you have in your life but you are hiding from the reality of things.A disfigured or blemished face whether it be your own or someone else means a false persona. If it is your face, you are trying to hide your appearance or someone is trying to bring you down. If it is somebody face then they are not being straight with you. Similarly, if you or someone has two faced it indicates a double sided personality. In the golden days, they used to say that a bloated face means that you are going to have an economic gain. If you are cleaning your face it represents you want to come out and express your true self and wash the dirt off your reputation.

Dreaming about observing yourself inside a pigs’ sty often translates forthcoming quarrels and conflicts. This would be the meaning of the dream whether the sty was empty ot with pigs present. These arguments and disputes could occur between you and your romantic partner. Alternatively, the dream can symbolize excessive tiredness, stress and exhaustion. Such emotional state would be a consequence of existing duties and responsibilities.

Dreaming about seeing several pigs together usually is a warning. It is possible that you could be about to gain an undesired infamous reputation. This fame would be the result of your own actions. That is, you could be about to adopt a wrong or inappropriate attitude or conduct, one which would cost you other people’s respect.

Dreams with any form of plastic surgery are because of insecurities with your appearance and body image. You have a dream of a face lift when your confidence level goes up a bit and the insecurities die down for a while.

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Having a pigs face

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