Heart encased in glass Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Heart encased in glass explained:

If you dream of being surrounded or covered by glass then you are trying to defend yourself in a situation, sort of like putting up a glass wall. If you find the glass is not transparent and something seems to be hindering you from seeing clearly through the glass then your views about something are not clear. If you are looking through the glass it means you are trying to find a way to let someone in without being hurt. Alternatively, you know the saying sometime we put up a wall to see who would climb over it?

When you dream of your own heart, a lot of people think it represents love but it also represents the heart of a situation. Think of what you are going through now and see if you need to dig deeper to get some more information on what is going on. If your heart is bleeding or hurting in any way, the dream suggests depression and pain from some situation in your life. If you have some heart surgery it implies that you are going to experience drastic changes in your associations with others.

May symbolize the need for pleasure, joy, happiness and fun.

To dream about a big heart, such that when you envision a generous philanthropist who is giving out unconditional support and financial aid to various people and organizations and causing him or her to radiate with kindness, could mean luck and fortune in things you are presently trying to accomplish. Try to sustain this positive vibe to drive and motivate yourself to achieve your goals in real life. Always remember that kindness could go a long way in dealing with people and situations in your everyday life.

Broken glass is often thought to represent broken trust or the threat of treachery. However, the interpretation of this vision depends highly on the reason the glass broke. For example, if your actions directly caused the glass to shatter, it is possible you would either knowingly or unknowingly betray someone you are close to in reality. Alternatively, seeing someone else break the glass or only seeing the aftereffects could reveal the presence of someone who would stab you in the back when the price is right.

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Heart encased in glass

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