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Depending where the pain is located in the dream can be used a metaphor to help decode the dream. Lets say the pain would be in your heart might suggest a broken heart. Sometimes when we dream of being in pain it represents that you are pushing yourself to your limits, give yourself a break. You do not have control over everything. If your body is hurting in a particular place try and relate it to your life, maybe it is actually in pain and you’ve been physically stressing out your body.

May symbolize the burdens you feel you are carrying.

Being pregnant in your dream symbolizes having an unhappy life with your prospective husband. It can also mean that you will have unattractive children.

Dreaming about yourself helping your friend when he or she needs you to means that you will get all kinds of help and support from people who are close to you when you need their help and advice.

Trying to assist children who are having difficulty in a dream has positive connotations. It often represents the dreamer's ability to solve upcoming problems that would occur at work or in a business environment. It may also reveal a penchant for avoiding troubles or obstacles by being prepared for multiple eventualities when working on a large-scale project. The dreamer would be able to take care of business and get work done in an efficient manner. Higher ups would appreciate the effort and co-workers would both admire and be jealous of the progress made.

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Helping pregnant women in pain

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