Hiding something

Hiding something Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Someone seems to be trying to conceal information. This dream implies that you are trying to protect yourself from someone by hiding things. If possible, try and confront the situation instead of running from it.

Having a dream about losing or misplacing something, particularly something meaningful or important, represents a proclivity toward taking on tasks which do not benefit you in the long run. This may be because these activities are doomed to fail or because they are not actually in line with your long-term plans and goals. If you seemed emotionally unaffected by this lost object, either distracted or not upset about its loss, you may be able to live with the fact that your efforts are not truly accomplishing anything useful or productive. However, if you were upset or frustrated by the misplacement of this item, you may not be able to cope with your ineffectiveness, leading to disappointment when all is said and done.

Dreaming that you are hiding something, whether it is a secret or an object that you are keeping in a safe and concealed place, points to possible involvement in a complex and challenging situation. This may or may not lead to a negative outcome, although you would have to go through a lot of troubles for this. For women, this dream symbol means being talked about behind your back. Although this would be put to an end or put to rest once the truth comes out. You may even have to put out an official statement just to clear things up.

If you find yourself running and hiding from a lion that is chasing you and trying to attack you in your dreams is a sign that you have gained some powerful adversaries in your life, and you need to exercise caution when dealing or interacting with these people to avoid being caught up under their influence.

Dreaming about concealing yourself in a coffin from somebody could portend that you might be a recipient of unanticipated news. Perhaps an invitation to a wedding nuptials or the engagment of a person whom you never thought would be the first to tie the knot or enter a committed relationship

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