Holding a candle for a woman Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Holding a candle for a woman explained:

May represent light, illumination or awakening.

This dream symbol is very positive that imply intellect and hidden talents. A burning candle might represent the symbol of life.

Meeting an old woman in your dream tells of problems or troubles coming your way. It can be due to old issues from your past that continue to hound you, and these have a negative outcome for your life at the moment.

Seeing a lit candle in a dream vision predicts a happy reunion with someone you have fallen out of touch with or have not seen for some time. This may be due to schedule differences or living far away from each other. The circumstances if this meeting are likely to be surprisingly joyous because of some other happy situation you would experience in the near future. This dream vision may also point to encountering or being visited by people who are willing and capable of supporting your current endeavors.

May symbolize releasing repressed emotions.

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Holding a candle for a woman

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