Honeycomb Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Honeycombs, in dreams, are symbolic of lifes enjoyment. You are trying to keep whatever is causing you this joy in your life. Alternatively it may mean that you yearn for something of such delight in your life.

Honeycomb, such as seeing one up close or holding it in your hands while you are in a bee farm, symbolizes goal-setting and ambition. You probably have well-defined targets and goals leading to your ultimate dream. For the moment, this dream symbol further affirms your ability to make the right decision even in the face of tough situations. When faced with a dilemma, your structured and rational thinking are your special gifts which would allow you to overcome those obstacles, no matter how complicated.

Dreaming about observing a bee on a honeycomb is a form of assurance. If you are afraid that your efforts and contributions to the growth and development of your company might go unrewarded and no one would remember you when you have long gone because you think that you have not left a lasting legacy, this dream tells you otherwise. People are not deaf to a good tune or blind to a good deed. After all you have done, you can rest assured that you deserve such recognition.

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