Hostage Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Hostage explained:

Dreaming that you are a hostage suggests that you feel vulnerable. You feel trapped and unable to go anywhere because of some problem in your waking life.

May suggest feeling powerless or having lost control of a situation.

Being held hostage in a dream, like being tied up and blindfolded inside a basement or some other dark room, speaks of being overly dependent on other people to get by in life. You could be relying too much on your parents or your friends to bail you out or get you out of a bad situation. You are comfortable knowing you have a safety net of loved ones. Unfortunately, this also means that you are unable to achieve anything on your own because there is always someone propping you up and helping you out.

Setting a hostage free, whether it is your own hostage or possibly distracting the captor and then freeing their captive, is usually an auspicious dream symbol. Whatever obstacles or setbacks you may experience soon, this dream means you would be able to overcome them soon enough. You may even be better off than your previous state after you solve the challenges or problems in your path. In a way, the hostage in the dream vision actually refers to your potential, so once you are free from obstacles, success would be within reach.

Witnessing a stranger being held hostage in someone's garage or in the trunk of a car as the person is being transported to a holding location means you could catch an illness in reality. This health issue may have something to do with your poor diet, like eating a lot of junk food, or a generally unhealthy lifestyle with little to no exercise. In a way, the hostage represents your well-being, so if you do not learn to take care of yourself, you may end up with a pretty serious illness requiring constant medication.

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