Hurricane Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Hurricane explained:

Dreams of hurricanes are symbolic of change that you did not see coming. Its like a wind just spin your whole life around without you having any control of it. If you are caught in the hurricane this indicates your feelings are surfacing. You are caught in something that you have no control over and your emotions are going all over the place.

Dreams containing imagery of a hurricane raging inside a garden could predict soon being visited by an unexpected and most likely unwelcome guest. Their presence would require assuming more responsibilities, doing more chores or spending more money and time on them just to keep them happy.

Imagining a hurricane destroying an orchard during the course of a dream vision, whether the wind and rain were just kicking up debris or flattening the trees completely, could portend soon being visited by someone you would rather not see or spend an extended period of time with. This individual would sweep into and disrupt your usual schedule, causing you added trouble and headaches to keep them happy and satisfied. You may need to complete extra chores you were not planning to do or run errands that are out of your way to please this individual.

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