Husband being killed

Husband being killed Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A dream of a husband, if you have one in your waking life, represents your feelings towards him and the relationship. If you do not have a husband in reality but dream of having one it signifies your desire to settle down. It could also mean your projection of a real husband and what you want in your future husband or your present husband.

The act of being killed in a dream vision, as a general symbol without a clear cause or reason, is a negative symbol associated with bad luck and unwanted outcomes. It is possible you would soon lose a competition or race you are competing in or miss out on an important and lucrative opportunity you were hoping for. In some cases, this symbol is also associated with declining health or worsening financial situation. It would be wise to go canny after seeing this symbol in a dream, taking extra care of yourself and those you love.

A dream wherein you get killed, whether it is by someone you know in reality, a masked figure or a murderous thief with a knife or a gun as a weapon, reveals the extent and lengths your enemies would go just to take you down and destroy your life. There may be a specific rival who despises you to the point of sabotaging your career or ruining your relationships, perhaps as a revenge. As such, this imagery serves as a strong warning to make you more vigilant about malicious people within your social circle.

Dreaming of a seriously sick husband means your spouse could be actively cheating on you, or it could be more serious like engaging in a secret affair behind your back.

Seeing your husband dying in your dreams is a negative sign. It represents disappointments and negativity caused by someone who is in your inner social circle.

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