Husband stabbed with scissors

Husband stabbed with scissors Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

You may need to cut something off that is bothering you. Scissors are sharp and snippy. Do you possess these qualities? Do you remember what you where cutting. If somebody else was using the scissors what where they cutting and where you a part of it?

A dream of a husband, if you have one in your waking life, represents your feelings towards him and the relationship. If you do not have a husband in reality but dream of having one it signifies your desire to settle down. It could also mean your projection of a real husband and what you want in your future husband or your present husband.

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost a pair of scissors indicates you are about to start or take on an assignment that is boring, difficult, and mostly a waste of time. Lost or misplaced scissors represent thankless tasks where the benefits do not outweigh the costs. If you experience this type of dream, carefully consider any projects you become involved with in the near future, especially in regards to their expected outcomes and the amount of time and effort they take to complete.

Dreaming of getting stabbed, especially in the front of your body, signifies power struggle. You may be struggling to assert your dominance over a colleague, a team member or even your significant other. Maybe you are feeling inadequate in certain areas of your life, so you tend to become passive or agreeable when conflict arises instead of airing your side or asserting yourself when necessary. Maybe you need to become more confident with your skills and value yourself more.

Dreaming of a seriously sick husband means your spouse could be actively cheating on you, or it could be more serious like engaging in a secret affair behind your back.

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