In love with someones husband

In love with someones husband Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of love may be reflecting a love of Self or is a reminder to love yourself. It may be that you are learning to love and accept yourself or a new aspect of Self.

Love is an intense feeling, often confused with infatuation. When you dream of being in love it signifies how you feel towards someone in your waking life. You are happy with what and who you have in life. Otherwise, if you feel unloved in your life the dream is expressing your desire to be loved. If your dream is that a friend is in love with you, your unconscious is trying to bring out the feelings in you that you are trying to suppress. You love your friend and need to let them know. He or she may die tomorrow and you would never forgive yourself for not finding out how they felt. If you are making love with someone it corresponds to your yearning to complete some sexual desire. Perhaps you are not being truthful to yourself about how you feel. Do not be afraid to express your emotions about intimacy because worrying about it would only make you feel more trapped.

A dream of a husband, if you have one in your waking life, represents your feelings towards him and the relationship. If you do not have a husband in reality but dream of having one it signifies your desire to settle down. It could also mean your projection of a real husband and what you want in your future husband or your present husband.

Dreaming about lost love or that there are no reciprocal love feelings left between you and the person you love is an indication of a dilemma about possible changes in your lifestyle or considerations of a marriage in order to secure better life for your future.

Receiving a love not in a dream signifies that your current relationship is growing into a very strong love. On the other hand, you may be feeling that you are not loved and need someone or some form of guarantee that you are good enough to be loved. Who gave you the love note? You might have picked up on how the other person feels!

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