Insanity Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Insanity explained:

Are you going insane in your waking life? Do you feel lost? The dream signifies you are overwhelmed with things that are going on in your life. Otherwise you or someone you know is actually experiencing insanity.

A mental hospital suggests a place of rigorous training imposing discipline and learning which takes you away from your comfort zone, even your family. In the dream, your guidance counselor and Math teacher represent authority figures telling you to get it together. You may be feeling out of sorts from overwhelming academic and personal matters causing your performance to suffer. Thus, they could be advising you to isolate yourself or veer away from distractions to get back on track. However, the pressure could be catching up with you, which is why you tried to drown yourself in your dream. Fret not and look for older and wiser peers and mentors to help you manage the stress and avoid complications.

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