Insects Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Insects explained:

A dream of insects indicates that someone or something is bothering you and causing you to have problems in your life. It is a pun on bugging therefore whatever is hindering you from moving forward, the attack would soon be over.

Seeing or interacting with insect that live near or around water is a happy symbol which is often associated with the receiving of good news or going through a wonderful period of time in your life. Water-related bugs predict happiness and joy, and they are an especially welcome sign after going through some challenges or difficulties.

Envisioning insects that fly, buzz, or flutter about is an ill omen predicting a dire financial situation in the future. The severity of these monetary troubles may cause bankruptcy and make it difficult to provide even for the most basic needs for you and your family. This is most likely tied to your work or career, suggesting you should be on the lookout for any signs of approaching trouble. Making a contingency plan may also be a good idea.

Seeing giant, monstrous insects in a dream vision, such as those in a sci-fi or horror movie, is often interpreted as evidence of internal fear or worry. This is especially true in relation to phobias and unrealistic concerns, such as those over germs, catching a rare disease, or being the victim of some random attack. While none of this is likely to come true, your preoccupation with such thoughts is likely to cloud your judgement in other, more important matters.

Envisioning a swarm of insects crowding around you represents the accumulated stress caused by the routines, tasks, responsibilities and worries of your daily life. If you let these concerns take up too much of your life without relaxing or taking a breath, you may experience a nervous breakdown or panic attack. This dream can be considered a warning to take time and smell the roses, giving yourself some time and space to just be you.

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