Inspecting altar up close

Inspecting altar up close Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent spirit or spirituality.

To close a door may suggest closing off or rejecting something.

To see an altar in ruins whether it is partially ruined or completely destroyed is a sign that you will engage in a scientific or commercial opportunity that will allow you to explore new things.

Dreaming about seeing a church altar could translate the availability of support. Namely, it is possible that you could be about to go through a time of need. However, those with whom you have a close relationship with would offer their help, advice and support. Moreover, you could rely on their assistance for the resolution of your problem, including employment or business issues.

A closeup look of an ear, either yours or someone else's ears, is a dream symbol about receiving a piece of information or news that you may have been waiting for in a while. The nature of the news depends on the appearance of the ear. For instance, if the ear is strangely shaped, slightly deformed or irregular, then the information you would get is likely weird or unusual though nothing alarming. On the other hand, a tiny or delicate ear portends a positive turn of events for you, such as getting praised or recognized at work.

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