Instant Message Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Instant Message explained:

May symbolize something you feel you need to say to someone.

If you are sending a message in your dream you should find out who you where sending it to. Whoever it was you must communicate with them A.S.AP. Dream of either verbal or tangible message is your unconscious trying to give you a hint that is very important.

Who is sending you the text and what are they saying? Dreams like this suggest you might need to communicate with this person a bit better. If you are the one receiving a text then figure out what the message means.

A dream of receiving an instant message could be coming from your unconscious so take head. If you are sending an instant message it signifies your interactions in life. Consider who you are sending the instant message to and relate it to your life.

The image of a deck of cards in your dream represents important milestones or major life decisions you would have to make throughout the course of your life. Overtime each moment would stack up to reveal what you have accomplished in your lifetime. What you did with the deck of cards, as well as the types of cards present, would give you further clues about what your priorities are and whether your journey would be smooth or tumultuous. In that context, the message about your afterlife is probably your subconscious reminding you to make the most of your existence because at the end of it all, that is when you would feel either fulfilled and happy or filled with regret about missed opportunities.

Your vivid dream may be an example of lucid dreaming wherein you are able to control the scenario in the dream. In your case, you were able to jolt yourself awake by closing the blank window. Lucid dreams usually occur when the dreamer's mind is still active or possibly still processing recent information or events in the waking world. Since your mind may still be tethered to reality, the dream world becomes more malleable and changeable according to your will. Specifically, the white windows represent a void in your subconscious. You either had a sensory overload prior to sleeping or you are experiencing a lack of inspiration, hence you are unable to ignite your imagination or come up with good ideas at work or your personal projects.

The ghost in your vision is actually your subconscious, and it is trying to warn you of challenges you are destined to face in your future. Specifically, the image of you as a ghost who is trying to communicate with others predicts confrontation with an enemy and a series of challenges that are in the way of your achieving your goals. The fading paper with your message also holds symbolic meaning, pointing toward some painful memories that may have held you back until now. In essence, your spirit going numb from staying around too long indicates not making progress and moving forward in your waking life. In this case, by letting go of the past and overcoming the challenges you can be reborn and experience a new phase in your life.

Instant Message

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