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A dream like this is telling you to keep working hard and show that you care because it would pay off in the end.

Dreaming of an ex typically points to a lack of closure. As you said, you still harbor fond feelings for this person, perhaps even hoping that you would get back together, which is why he appeared in your dream. The doors represent choices, hence entering different doors is merely a metaphor for parting ways in reality. When he followed you, your subconscious likely created the scenario as wish fulfillment for you because you have been wondering whether he regrets leaving you. Alternatively, following you may be an allusion to your inability to move on. Memories about him, his lingering presence and overall influence keep following you around which prevents you from opening yourself up to other possibilities and opportunities.

Dreams about getting attention or being noticed by someone you have a crush on in reality represent your constant thinking and fantasizing about the person in waking life, which obviously extend into your subconscious states. However, dreams of this nature do not necessarily imply that this person is interested in reciprocating your feelings, especially considering his current popularity and place within the social circle. You may want to look at these visions as a reflection of your sexuality developing according to the aspects of human personality and appearance you tend to favor and be attracted to.

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