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To dream about Island explained:

Having a dream with you on an island relaxing indicates your simplicity and leisure in life.Your unconscious is telling you to take a break and kick back for a bit because you are overwhelmed from your life. Alternatively, a dream of being stranded on an island represents you being too relaxed and away from reality. You need to face your struggles and organize your life.

May symbolize a desire to get away, and go somewhere exotic or relaxing.

Dreaming of an exotic island tells you that you should not take too much responsibility or undertake too many projects all at once. Your skills and abilities may be able to handle the challenges, but you may spread yourself too thin in the process and under-perform. Just take on what you can handle well.

Seeing an island in your dream is a symbol of peace and tranquility. Finally after a long period of time battling so many worries and balancing different responsibilities in life, you will find much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Seeing an island in the sea in your dream reveals a lack of support and help from people when you need it. If you experienced being stranded on this island, this dream indicates a possible mistake you have made by trying to rely or get support from someone you know.

Seeing people on an island tells you that you are struggling to find yourself and searching for identity. You are still in search of your calling in this world and is trying very hard to fit in your current social circle.

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