Kayak Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Kayak explained:

Dreaming of a kayak signifies that you are grounded and stable in terms of your feelings. If not then it represents your perseverance and being able to get through things on your own!

May symbolize emotional balance and stability.

Dreaming about a large powerful river could symbolize major upcoming events or pivotal life circumstances. These would currently exist or would soon develop. It is possible that these could affect you and other family members. The vision of your family being separated from you while in the river could be a reflection of some recently experienced or upcoming kin disagreements or conflicts. You could but only recently become aware of these problems. Despite such separation, you managed to find your own boat, deal with your lack of skill and successfully ride it. This suggests that you seem confident and reassured about your independence and ability to counteract. No matter what happens you believe you will triumph. Thus, the dream suggests that you would benefit from being prepared for possible upcoming problems – and, in particular, any family-related problems. You could use your abilities and self-confidence to try to help and support those in need. Some of your relatives might struggle more than you. An alternative interpretation goes along the lines of your desire for independence. You might be at the realization that becoming more independent from your family is a huge challenge. The challenge would be represented in the dream by the visions of the mighty river. However, you hoped or believed in yourself and your ability to succeed. This is represented by your one-person boat journey. Finally, the dream, as described by you, does not reveal the nature or emotional aspects of possible family problems or the outcomes of your quest to personal independence.

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