Kidnapping Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Kidnapping explained:

To be kidnapped or abducted in your dream may suggest that you may be feeling manipulated by someone or have lost control of some aspect of your life.

Kidnapping, as a general dream symbol, is a negative symbol associated with regret and lost opportunities. This could be due either to inappropriate action, such as disrespecting an authority figure, or complete inaction on your part. The idea of kidnapping, then, represents your desire to have a second chance. However, forcibly taking what you want could lead to even worse results than what you have already attained. It might be better to wait until another opportunity comes knocking.

Dreaming about kidnapping a girl, for example with the intent of marrying her, deceiving her or forcing her into some unusual behavior foretells upcoming negative experiences. That is, it is possible that the forthcoming period will be filled with grief, disappointment, betrayal and sadness. Such negativity could perhaps result from your desire of achieving a goal at whatever cost and without respecting the process. That is, your ambition could lead you to adopt perhaps dishonest and unthoughtful behaviours and bring about a series of negative experiences.

Kidnapping someone in your dream, such as nabbing a stranger from the streets or locking up someone you know in reality, is usually a manifestation of your escapism or a tendency to evade responsibilities. You are probably someone who tends to ignore criticisms or blame others for your own mistakes. In your head this may help you retain an ideal version of yourself, however this lack of self-awareness may backfire on you since you would not be able to correct your flaws and failings.

Dreaming that you are cooperating and not resisting your kidnapper, maybe while you are being dragged inside a van or led to a dark and unfamiliar building, could signal a deep-seated fear. The fear that pushes you to cooperate in order to avoid getting hurt is likely the same feeling of trepidation and submission you exhibit towards a controlling or dominant presence in your waking life. Since you possess less power and influence, you could easily be bullied by someone of higher stature or considerable clout.

Envisioning yourself as a victim of kidnapping, like being locked up in a dark basement or held hostage while blindfolded, can be construed as the manifestation of your inability to take control of your life. You are either resigning yourself to someone else's will or you have developed self-destructive habits which are causing a lot of chaos and confusion in your mind. Perhaps observing your surroundings or other symbols present in the vision could help you pinpoint the origin of your disoriented state.

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