Kissing the ground

Kissing the ground Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A ground is like a barrier or wall between your subconscious and your waking life. It is what separates your two states of mind. A ground is what allows you to have a base. Therefore when you dream of it then it means you have a strong foundation and you are well-grounded. It could also mean that you have an open mind and understanding of your unconscious.

A kiss is symbolic of affection and liking of someone or someone or something they represent. Pay close attention to what body part you kiss in the dream. If your dream ends before you get to kiss someone then it suggests insecurity and uncertainty of feelings that person has for you. You want to pursue a relationship with them but do not know how to do it. If you see other people kissing in your dream it implies you are caught up in other peoples business. If you are kissing someone’s hand it represents that you think highly of that person. Kissing someones foot indicates more respect for that person and you are not afraid to bow down to others because of your modest character. While a kiss on the cheek by you or someone else denotes appreciation and companionship. If you kiss someone else girlfriend or boyfriend in your dream it signifies jealousy or guilt over a situation that actually happened. You may be attracted to your friends girlfriend or boyfriend and not fully aware of it but you should try and distant yourself a bit. If you are kiss someone close to you it suggests your appreciation for that person in your life. It could represent a desire to want more than a friendship with them. It could simply mean that you are lacking intimacy in your life. If you kiss or are kissed by a stranger symbolizes acceptance of your character. The stranger represents hidden or repressed traits of you. The kiss indicates you are content with yourself and recognize you need to be who you really are. If you are being forced to kiss the stranger then it means you are rejecting aspects of yourself. If someone is obliging you to kiss them, the dream indicates you are being forced to do things in life that you do not want to do. If you kiss an enemy it represents a friend that would soon no longer be your friend because they are going to turn their back on you.

Dreaming of kissing a baby symbolizes lasting physical beauty. This sign indicates that your youthful and attractive countenance will remain alluring for years to come, possibly well into your golden years.

Dreaming of cracked earth and sinking ground, such as the devastation caused by an earthquake, alludes to threats lurking in the real world. News of problems and calamities from far-flung places may affect your existence in negative ways. Perhaps your community or social circle is on edge due to bad news from around the world and they are acting defensive and overly sensitive. Rescuing the dog and the baby from danger means that your loved ones may lean on you during this period of uncertainty and upheaval. Your yearning for stability and level-headed nature could save them not only from external harm, but also from their personal demons.

Kissing a bride, whether you are the groom during the ceremony or as a wedding guest giving a quick peck to congratulate the bride, is an auspicious dream symbol often associated with the resolution of prevailing issues. For example, a long-time rivalry may finally be laid to rest as you make peace with each other. It could also point to having a healthier and fitter mind and body as a result of a lifestyle change or even a more positive outlook in life. This personal change would trigger a lot of benefits to your overall well-being.

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