Knee Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Knee explained:

A dream of your knees represents your need for help from others. You do not have enough confidence in your abilities and feel unable to complete your tasks. Ultimately the dream indicates you need emotional support to get by since you are not able to see the strength and abilities you have.

Finding yourself knee-deep in a pool of cold, murky mud is often associated with obstacles and roadblocks getting in the way of your goals in reality. You may soon find yourself in a sticky situation, unable to make progress or work towards your dreams. However, this period of no forward movement also means you have a chance to evaluate your current course of action and whether or not it is actually leading you where you want to go.

May symbolize the support you give and/or receive.

Dreaming of seeing yourself standing knee-deep in flood water while the flood is still going on means you are about to experience some problems and issues very soon. These circumstances are probably related to your material possessions or real estate.

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