Leash Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Leash explained:

Holding a leash represents your lack of control. You need to gain control over things or else they would control you. If you are wearing a leash it means that you have already allowed people or a situation to take control of you. On the other hand, your sexual desires of being forced into submission are being brought out in your dream. Do not be afraid to let down your control for a bit and tell your partner you want him or her to take control. If the leash in your dream is broken it suggests that your control has been lost or that you are free from being controlled.

May symbolize feeling restricted, tied down or controlled by someone.

Dreaming about walking a monkey on a leash down the street may be an indication of sly or even pretentious friends within your circle. You may have trusted this person with everything never suspecting that they could be planning to humiliate or embarass you in front of others just by using whatever information you have shared with them to their advantage.

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