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To dream about Letter explained:

May suggest someone is trying to comminucate something to you.

Receiving a letter in a dream indicates that your unconscious is trying to tell you something. Head the advice in the letter and see how it may help you in your waking life. On the other hand, the letter could just be excitement about new chances in your life that you have come across. If you tear up a letter in your dream it suggests that you are regretful of your past. You know that you made slip-ups. Toss it in the garbage and start with a blank page. Seeing an unopened letter suggests that you are disregarding knowledge about a situation. You do not want to be informed about something.

May represent facts, information or knowledge.

The act of burning a letter in a dream vision, such as throwing it in a fireplace or lighting it with a candle, suggests you would turn down a good job or lucrative business offer in order to care for your family. This probably comes as no surprise, as you are the type of person who places a high value on family and maintaining strong connections with those around you. The reason you turned down this offer is likely because it would either take you too far from those you care about most or it would eat up too much of your time, preventing you from caring for older loved ones or participating in the lives of your children.

The act of sealing a letter in a dream vision, whether you are doing so with wax or plain tape, could be interpreted as a sign that you are currently the keeper of an important secret or privileged information. You may be undecided about what to do with such facts, wondering if you should cash in on what you know now or wait until a better opportunity presents itself. What choice you should make is not clear based on this symbol alone, but it also carries a warning about the karma that comes from airing other people's' dirty laundry without their knowledge or permission.

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