Lice laying eggs Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Lice laying eggs explained:

Eggs in a dream have many possible meanings. What your egg dream means will depend upon your personal associations to eggs. In addition, you should consider what type of egg it is, where it is, and whether it is fresh or cooked.

May represent thoughts that keep running through your head.

Lice in a dream symbolize frustration and irritation. You feel that someone is sucking you dry. You feel used and abused in a situation. On the other hand you could be feeling liable about a bad situation and it is causing you to feel unclean. You may be feeling emotionally or physically unclean.

May suggest feeling its time to rest, relax or get more sleep.

Having a vision of seeing or eating bird eggs in a dream signifies forthcoming unfavorable circumstances or unpleasant incidents appearing in your life. These happenings would impact you in a negative way and might leave you sad, devastated and disappointed.

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  1. Head lice - Head lice or lice in your hair is generally a positive dream symbol that is often associated with wealth. The more head lice you find, the more money you would earn in reality. You could acquire lucra... Learn More!
  2. Lice eggs - Dreaming about the presence of nits and lice eggs in your hair foretells the good fortune which is about to befall you. It signifies the opportunities and prospects which would allow you to become mor... Learn More!
  3. Rotten eggs - Dreaming about seeing or handling rotten eggs portends possible loss of property or tangible assets due to acts of God or man. A house fire might gut everything you have worked your entire life to acc... Learn More!
  4. Boiling eggs - Boiling eggs in a dream speaks of the possibility of drought and, consequently, a water shortage within the area of your current place of residence. You might begin to notice a drastic change in your ... Learn More!
  5. Lice as bugs - Having a dream where you see or find bugs in the form of lice, especially if they were present in your own hair, is an ominous sign associated with broken friendships. This vision points to unfair or ... Learn More!
  6. Killing lice - A dream in which you observe yourself trying to get rid of lice in your hair by exterminating or eradicating these insects must be considered a forewarning. It foretells the change of your good fortun... Learn More!
  7. Lice on pets - A dream in which you find your pets or other animals infested with lice has ominous connotations. It portends periods of great hunger, difficulty as well as dire financial losses. You could be subject... Learn More!
  8. Talking lice - A dream in which you find lice having a conversation with you or talking to you is a sign of unanticipated revelations. Additionally, it could mean that you might become the recipient of news which is... Learn More!
  9. Rolling eggs - Dreaming about playing with eggs by rolling them along a flat surface, for example at the table or on the floor, is a positive sign which indicates a surge in sales and profits, or an increase in weal... Learn More!
  10. A lot of eggs - Dreaming about seeing or coming across a lot of eggs, for example shopping for groceries and observing tray after tray of eggs stacked and piled on one corner, indicates an addition to the family and ... Learn More!

Lice laying eggs

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