Listening to a storyteller Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Listening to a storyteller explained:

To dream of being a storyteller and engaging people as you speak means you prefer to be surrounded by outgoing people rather than hang out at more refined social events. That's why you have a tendency to make hasty and confusing decisions that lead to harmless but trivial life decisions.

May symbolize feeling receptive to the opinions of others.

To dream of seeing yourself attentively listening to a storyteller means you will eventually end up hanging out with a group of people who take you out often because they desire to see you have more fun than you seem to have in your personal life.

To listen to an agitator means you have developed the background, skills, and other good qualities needed to become a good leader or manager of a project.

If you see yourself listening to accordion music in a dream, then you will encounter new life experiences that will allow you to stop longing for days gone by.

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