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To dream about Looking at a book explained:

May represent information.

Seeing or reading an ABC book in a dream portends upcoming adventures. This youthful book represents happy experiences that would ignite your childlike wonder and taking pleasure in simple things. After a period of focusing on adult responsibilities and commitments, you may finally find the time to relax and indulge in some enjoyable activities. Perhaps you would go traveling or try out outdoorsy activities to get you closer to nature, such as going camping or hiking with your friends.

Dreaming of a book with a white cover could be an indication of your ability to efficiently digest information. You may have a strong and impressive skill of being able to reduce huge amounts of content and information down into its essence. This expertise could help you succeed in fields which would require in-depth analysis and comprehension. Perhaps you may be presented with a career opportunity which would put this ability to good use.

To see a closed book in a dream vision usually means you are about to learn something new about a subject that interests you. Since the book is still closed in the dream, it means this has not happened yet, but it could be something you have been thinking about. For example, you may be looking forward to the ending of your favorite TV show or perhaps you would discover a significant detail about your idol or someone you admire in reality. Whichever case it may be, this piece of information would likely have a significant effect on you.

To dream of buying a book from a bookstore or a similar establishment is generally a symbol of good luck. Specifically, this means you can look forward to a bright and exciting future. Your promising future would be due to your own brilliance. For example, you could be involved in the discovery or invention of something valuable to humanity. You could also come up with a fresh or innovative idea which when implemented properly would give you not only riches but also the respect and admiration of your peers.

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Looking at a book

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