Losing magic powers

Losing magic powers Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

If you dream about doing magic in front of people means that you are good at tricking people. What type of magic or who is watching you in your dream? The people in the dream would suggest the people that your able to pull the wool over there eyes. Everybody love Magic so you might have some majestic qualities about your personality.

Dabbling in black magic, or witnessing someone else practice black magic, can mean different things depending on the dreamer's situation. For males, this dream symbol represents upcoming family conflict or problems with your partner. For females, this points to minor annoyances and petty issues. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs and business owners can expect bad investments or losses due to dishonest business partners. Finally, for young women this refers to the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy.

White magic as a dream symbol carries just as much positive energy as it symbolizes. For example, a force of good may rescue you from evil forces through powerful magic. Soon you may enjoy a series of favorable events. If you have been working on something, then expect to successfully complete it. The impressive results of all your hard work may earn you more monetary rewards as well as a significant boost to your self-confidence. So aside from prosperity, you would also bask in happiness from your good fortune.

Dreaming of black magic suggest that you are not using the right methods in order to achieve what you want. Are you pulling strings in the wrong places? Usually when we dream of black magic means there is some evil lurking around you. If your are being affected by black magic in your dream, you should be careful of people who say they are your friends.

May suggest feeling someone is playing tricks on you.

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