Lunch Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Lunch explained:

May symbolize a need for physical, emotional or spiritual nourishment.

When you have or see lunch in your dream it indicates your body needs some form of nourishment and energy.

May represent a desire to feel nourished or satiated.

Having lunch with the president or his posse may be a subconscious message letting you know it is time to relax. You may be under too much pressure or have too much stress building up in reality. Ignoring your body's need to let go and chill out could have lasting implications of a negative nature, therefore, it would be wise to listen to your body and take a break or vacation before your body makes you do so.

This vision contains two very auspicious symbols which predict unexpected but welcome changes taking place in your life. The first is the image of bamboo, which usually represents luck and fortune. This means you are likely to observe a marked increase in the positive things in your life. This is followed by discussing movies with a famous actor, a sign which points toward one particular event which, though it comes out of nowhere, puts you on a completely different path and changes your perspectives for the better.


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